Curtis Creek Apartment Rental Value

Curtis Creek Apartments were built with design efficiency for the maximum amount of apartment space available for the minimum rental per month. We can offer the best rental value in Western Wayne County because our costs are the lowest.  Landlords must charge enough rent to cover the expenses of carrying and maintaining all of the development’s features.  Each apartment at Curtis Creek has its own entrance and washer/dryer.  This provides security and privacy without the cost of common area hallways and stairs.
Pools and Club Houses
Many larger apartment complexes have swimming and meeting facilities.  These features are expensive to operate and maintain.  Curtis Creek was designed without these facilities and so does not charge extra rent to make them available for your use.  This means that your rent can be kept at an absolute minimum while offering a quiet adult environment, without the noise and disruption sometimes created by family and recreational use of apartment facilities.
Resident Selection
Because Livonia apartment dwellers know our rental value, Curtis Creek apartment availabilities are limited.  We can take great care to select tenants that enjoy quiet adult living in a respectful and responsible lifestyle.  If you are one of the lucky prospective residents that qualify for a rental home at Curtis Creek, you can be assured that your rent does not have to be raised to cover the cost of tenants that create disruption, damage or default on their rental obligations.
Curtis Creek Compared to Other Apartment Communities
Curtis Creek rentals are set to be the lowest monthly rates per sq.ft. of living space in Western Wayne County.  Some complexes may have lower monthly rates or specials, but compare the rent to the size of the home you rent.  Our rates will be the best value you can find.  Because of the rent divided by the square feet value we offer in a modern adult rental community, demand for our rentals is high and this allows us to select only the best applicants.  You will like your neighbors and they will like you.  Other communities, often owned by large out of state landlords, often charge high rates with lower standards and have higher vacancies, which they feel will make more money.  Not Curtis Creek.  We don’t like vacancies and keep our rent as low as possible to attract and retain the best residents we can find.
Choosing Your Rental Home
Do the math.  Compare your rental home opportunity at CC with other communities.  Do you really want to pay for hallways, laundry rooms, pools, clubhouse, or tennis courts?  If not, let your rental dollar go towards what you really use every day- your apartment home in a friendly, safe, bedroom community of Livonia at Curtis Creek!